Operational FAQ's

How The Foundation Operates:

The Foundation has established several different fund categories to which donors may contribute. Donation and application for funds forms appear at the end of this handbook or are available to Upper Grand District School Board employees on First Class, Public Conferences, Forms-Office, Board Forms. Official tax receipts are issued for all donations of $20. CDN or more. Cheques are to be made payable to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation.

1. How do we put Donations into a School Fund Account?

When a school's fundraising activity:

  1. results in a monetary gift of $20. CDN or more, and
  2. the donor or the donor’s family receives no direct benefit in return for the gift, then:
    1. the school will forward the donation to UGLF (cash and cheques or money orders payable to Upper Grand Learning Foundation, for example)
    2. along with a corresponding Contribution Form, completed and signed by the donor.

The money will reside in the school account to be accessed when the school needs it.

An administration fee is charged by the banks for the use of credit cards is deducted from the amount donated.  For example, a $ 100 donation will result in $ 96.50 going to the fund.

2. How do we get Money out of a School Fund Account?

When a school needs to access their funds, the school must submit the: REQUEST FOR SCHOOL FUNDS APPLICATION FORM to UGLF.

Where possible, copies of any receipts must accompany the requisition form. At any time, the Principal must be able to provide evidence that the funds were used for the stated purpose.

Once we receive and review that form, the amount requested will be sent to the school.

With assistance from the UGDSB Finance Department, UGLF provides each school with account information at regular intervals.

3. How do we Apply for Scholarships?

Descriptions and applications for scholarships, including the Upper Grand Learning Foundation Scholarships, are available through the Upper Grand District School Board’s secondary schools’ guidance departments. Students are informed of the availability during their graduating year. Individual school’s Commencement Committees ensure the requirements of the scholarships are fulfilled by the chosen recipients. Applications for the Upper Grand Learning Foundation Scholarships are reviewed by a Foundation Committee and awarded annually to deserving students.

Applications for scholarships are available under the Scholarship Program section of this website.  Click here.