Organization Mission & Mandate

The Mission Of The Foundation:

"Building a Strong Foundation for Learning...Developing Community Resources for Students"

The Objective Of The Foundation:

The objectives of the Foundation, as stated in the application for incorporation, are as follows:

(a) to receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, for the charitable purposes of advancing the cause of education in the counties of Wellington and Dufferin;

(b) to receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part thereof and the income thereof for charitable purposes of an educational nature, and in particular to provide equipment, furnishings, teaching aids and supplies to educational institutions primarily in the counties of Wellington and Dufferin

Our Mandate:

In more simple terms, the mandate of the Foundation is to provide support for any project or activity which has an educational or learning purpose, and to link community resources with students in need.

We invite you to read our web details and to work with us to create additional learning opportunities that enhance the quality of life in our school communities.

The provincial government provides annual funding to School Boards to operate basic programming. However, many unique and valuable educational opportunities are not available to our students that need special funding.  Many projects that benefit our schools could not be completed without contributions from our communities and generous donors like yourself.

We believe that by supporting our school communities and the students within them of the Upper Grand District School Board through the Upper Grand Learning Foundation, you will will enhance the educational experience of our children.

We thank you for your support of the Upper Grand Learning Foundation.