School Funds

School Funds

School Fund

Give your child every advantage. There is nothing more important than making sure our children have the right resources and support to be successful. 

Within every community there are those children who aren’t as fortunate as others. School funds allow parents, guardians, friends, neighbours and the community at large to support their local school communities.  By directly donating to support our schools and programs, you continue to ensure that our communities will flourish and develop responsible and able body citizens in the future. Your donation can be directed to any school within the Upper Grand District School Board.  With your help we can ensure a bright and successful future for all our bright minds.

Charitable Tax Receipts are provided for donations of $20 or more, and only when the donor's name and address are provided in full.

No donor or their family members can DIRECTLY BENEFIT from a donation.  For example, if the cost of a school trip is $ 25/student a parent may not pay for that child's trip and expect to receive a tax receipt, as the child directly benefits.   However, if that parent donated $ 25 to their school for general activities that parent will receive a Charitable Gift Tax Receipt.


Subject to strict guidelines, UGLF is able to accept on behalf of schools, donations of equipment, supplies and other materials which have educational value. 

A contribution of service, that is, of time, skills or efforts, is not property and, therefore, does not qualify as a gift or gift-in-kind for the purposes of issuing official donation receipts. 

To donate gifts-in-kind, contributors need to forward a letter of intent to the UGLF that states what the donation consists of, what the educational value is, and the intended recipients. 

Also, the school for which the gift-in-kind is intended must forward a letter of intent to accept the gift to the UGLF.   Gifts-in-kind must meet any guidelines as may be established by the UGDSB.  To qualify for a tax receipt, a gift-in-kind MUST be accompanied by a WRITTEN appraisal of value by an INDEPENDENT reliable resource that is competent, qualified to carry out an evaluation, and at "arms-length" from the donor.  This appraisal must appear on the evaluator's letterhead; any costs incurred for the appraisal are the responsiblity of either the donor or the site to which the gift is being donated. 


Awards are similar to scholarships but are treated by the Foundation as School Funds.  Donations are submitted to the Foundation, usually on an annual basis, to be presented at commencements, graduations or other occasions. The Foundation issues cheques to the recipients and provides tax receipts to the donors and processes these without cost to the donor or the school.

Charitable Tax Receipts are provided for amounts of $20 or more, and only when the donor's name and address are provided in full.